Steady Death Tide

Wake & shell out
cascades of borne heather
heckle spat a froth
figment nicety
a terror yell

neighboring kin call Help
holy hell unleashed
walking rising fauna
men trapped in saunas

neurotic heralding
needling nimbly numbly
higher constructs
the time is nigh
neatly configured

craft sharpens alien mind
net genteel bow gather taxed
hate spread on toast the
butter thread
erratic acted erotic irony
total glory mishap
aborted theory
Thelonious lonely

makers fake
mystery in Somerton
cake tendon listlessly
laden Peter Lorre
lake chokes a ricky
rickety boats with holes sink
before they flying piercing
banal barriers into oracle

bickering banter binary antelope
banal intensity shine on
collapsing Greece

terrific traffic jammed up
the ass of Establish
harnessing hindsight tantalize
this revved up revision up
a blonde’s inner thigh and
the story unfolds length by length
by laryngitis Larry David

the hankering dead skittering
down daunting Everest Mount
die some more leak of death further
undefiled steady death tide
holding hands of a blurry dynasty
at Bedside

genetic hostage
enemies devise…


Speech Emphasis

Recently dreamt I was parked in a handicapped spot. I got out of there just as some tow trucks were trying to corner me. Two old devotee friends were cops and chased me down. By the time I was stopped there were also Buddhists on the scene. One of the head Buddhist monks was acting as judge and :executioner, ready to damn me, but I was able to make a heartfelt, hilarious speech… I looked about me and everyone was cracking the fuck up. It got me free. Is it my purpose to speak… as much truth possible… to speak in a certain way? This takes some insight. May the answers peel open under the writing fingers. What do cops, tow trucks, Krishnas, and Buddhists have left to teach me?