there are cuts on
my body
from good times
read into that
how you will
it is beautiful how you read
I was set down
on this earth to tell you

your beauty
is just what it is so
don’t cross it
let the sun shine
don’t cross it
there is a perfect symphony
in the wind
moving through the hedges
she reminds me to look
I remind myself:
love is ever-present


Hate, The Torn Down

At the poetry reading there were some back at the bar who screamed out Oh Schnaps in sequence for each part of their choosing as if to convey to me their unappreciation and how I must think of myself as this incredibly deep character, a real sea creature of mysticism and hyjinx. But those people are pieces of shit.

The tortise is in a meeting right now. May I take a message? And may I get your name? You can just make anything up and it’ll be okay. Tortises don’t understand much to tell you the truth. I mean, what we’re doing… They just don’t care much for what Pearl Jam has going on.