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The Formula

one extra quarter
does this:

I walk from the dryer
walking away

a giant baked potato
a burning
giant baked potato

it thinks I am its mother

the laundry

I am one
extra quarter sensitive

you need the formula?
it’s a

that’s all it takes
and the fire is up
the fire is on


at the curb my
poor car sits with
a freshly smashed window
people are irritable
wanna pick fights with
anyone available
or bust up their stuff…
what I’ve since grown out of
comes to haunt years
down the line
I’m later pinning nails
to the voodoo of a stranger
I’m trying to make
a mental picture of

it is the kinda life
news carries on and
commercials are rash

snake eaters

a showing
this crazy lady
her entire family
is terrorized
just watching safe from
behind the teevee I
still feel like I need
a lengthy hug

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Gone Returning

come grovel
it’s a story we don’t need
to ear up on
all lies

disco dog

all normal
show up
we’re recording
shout out the name
to the movie

I know a leech
when I see one
you are a virus

let’s calm
simmer down now

more complicated
complimentary poems
have been written about you
they were not well informed
it was waste of breath

there is
no home to return to

my eye is a monitor
the worst of year

dramaless Buddha
sits on a lotus

stumble through
what’s closed

our colabs
never congeal

smoke stings the eyes
mix about

he really means it

Current Reading List

In case you’re curious, I’m reading:

Brothers Karamazov – Fyodor Dostoevsky
Dostoevsky, The Thinker – James Scanlan
Writing Down The Bones – Natalie Goldberg
Understanding Our Mind – Thich Nhat Hanh
The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka


I am still
it is still cold
I am still writing
though haven’t posted much
in the past few days
it will all warm up
more words are on the way
I do not communicate much
need to change that
just watched the movie Blindness
based on Jose Saramago’s novel
Saramago won the nobel literature prize
is an overall badass of a writer
if you like the book you should
check it out…
holidays or day is fast approaching
I’ve no single relative in all of
the inner loop here
which will make for a lonesome
I’ve a dejected expression
like an upturned bug
that can’t roll
back up
but I’m still alive

A Word or More

coming up soon in an orange haze of our polution will be the sun but it is the same sun we all know and love the same sun we’ve had for all these years a long term relationship within whose boundaries we work and shine off on our own and play music all night.

but for now the sun is coming up in a calm

any demons we have to fight are internally installed and manifest in harsh thoughted self doubt fleeing fear delapidation and any demons on the edge trying to gain further entrance those must be dealt with too so don’t forget you’ve gotta stay prepared at all times the incoming vs. outgoing old world takes on the new the new new the strangely intuitive inventive rapid flow of information that is chain junk orbiting planets in a cultush rut many are too afraid to understand like the guest you invite to talk you interview with terrible questions you interrupt continuously and call it a night

what an enlightening conversation, and now, a word from our sponsers:

he is stuck

he is stuck
in what?

he’s just writing
on a ramble
on and on just
keeps on with it it’s
fucking annoying
and he answers

“I don’t expect your understanding
you haven’t made it here
and I certainly don’t
want sympathy cards even
on recycled paper”

and now another word from our sponsor:

the place is staying open for now so you can put your tears back in the drawer for now and let this be a warning to you stay on your toes thank god or the venue there’s a place to hang your hat and riff from the cuff all the stuff important to you cuz these places are not in abundance and don’t last forever and in fact are living on borrowed time

let’s scheme the next cool thing

Sunday Into Wednesday

Sunday planted in the middle of Wednesday looking for one lady wondering where she might be if you hear from then you will let me know or call me and if not then just tell me about your aborted day how it went down say it back like a recording or a tall intimidating man from the morgue recognizing you addressing you as ma’am don’t die, keep writing, she says I live with a writer who has the philosophy that once you stop writing you’re not a writer any more, or says write, you’re a writer, don’t write, you’re not—that’s me, that one as seen on teevee teehee uncomf. go back to bed america, we’ll bring shit right to your door, eat up america. meanwhile the man I was employed by to help him get into office waits for the election to come and once it does in the end he loses but I still cash the paycheck and We tried, tried at least and at the bar I tell the lady that we must redefine our definitions as we go along to ensure we become bigger brighter people so at this point why not discuss and redefine masturbation? I say it’s release and enjoyment and we continue to do it because it feels good.

Ten Minutes

ten minutes to cook my scraggly meal, come on! okay so the cold is making me cranky making it hard to type and it my last day of what they call work and it’s been awhile even the wind whispers in my ear it’s worried about me. the one place is backed up with a line out the door so it’s breadsticks across the way as a little solution before I start and I should’ve taken a drink so when I walk out here in Alief at least I won’t be parched beyond limit. the man at the traffic light is not hating on me for not coughing up a dollar he can already see that I’m coughing and mostly out of work God bless and merry Xmas he says and I throw back to first gear. he calls me sir. it’s okay, sir. take care, sir.

Jello Biafra’s Open Letter to Obama

My Friends (couldn’t resist, I had to say it),

Here, by semi-popular demand, are the suggestions I sent to Obama’s Change.gov site for citizen input. It veers from writing to Obama himself to writing for the people who may actually read this. A lot of these ideas may be familiar from my albums and spoken word shows. For the most part I stayed away from the big no-brainers covered by others, and from ideas he would never agree to in a million years.

I did not vote for him because of his record in Congress voting for the PATRIOT Act, the anti-immigrant wall, numerous corporate breaks and subsidies, the FISA bill legalizing all the NSA’s illegal wiretapping, etc. Nevertheless I, too, felt moved by his speech in the park that night in Chicago, seeing Jesse Jackson cry and wondering how Martin Luther King, Jr would have felt. I can only imagine how much this would have meant to Wesley Willis.

And, yes, I am glad that the adult version of the Eraserhead baby and his pitbull pal were not handed the keys to the White House.

I guess that’s why it hurts so much more when the guy we all wish we could hang out with when we see him on TV turns around and backs the wrong position on something important. We expect this from the Clintons and Bidens of the world, but it hurts more with Obama because he knows better. He even said so on the FISA/NSA spying bill that he so eloquently opposed before he changed his vote. His economic and national security teams so far lack anyone from the “change” side of the Democratic Party. Not a good sign.

If you have ideas or comments, don’t just send them to me, send them to Change.gov! Even I have the audacity to hope that if one of these ideas penetrates up top, it is a chance worth taking. Tom Hayden is one of many who have pointed out that it is up to this movement to drive Obama, not the other way around.


Disappointments in Sci-fi

The new TV scratches out the conventional is flat and HD but disappointments in sci-fi are:

1) Cars still do not fly.

2) Jet packs remain too bulky.

3) The government won’t release alien technology besides what becomes available in the next iPod update.

4) The Jetsons lifestyle is more than a stone’s throw away and gays must not be allowed to get married even in 2008 which is not related to technology except the shit is pretty ridiculous and reflects only backwardness and intolerance in a culture which claims to be the most advanced in a world that is really burning down, not burning up.

5) Matter hardly breaks down to subtle form to the naked eye to really point out that everything is destined to unfold into nothingness and black and white static original television void.

6) Firefly is killing Star Trek always but was canelled after only thirteen episodes so hardly anyone knew that the movie was about onice it arrived. River had a gun, thought it was a tre branch. put it down, everyone surrounded her to shout in panic at the possible outcome.

7) Outer space is not hard to spell. outer. otter! but is disappointing in that it does not want you there. give it a try sometime. go die sometime. open the door sometime. there will be no more time
and no more you. send an old post card
let ’em know
I’m dead in dead space
pieces of me for dinner


For All Our Building

what is thought washed away really is here to stay and say things unimaginable for the weak for all the week has passed bleak and been in the mire of trouble, they say he is stuck under their breath under a bridge he sends himself to think it over to get washed away he cannot bring himself to say and confess until he realizes a few things like what is going on here he would like another beer without fear of judgement but knows what is let loose here sinks him later even if they denounce the notion set his heart at ease still later it will come back does any of it have to really come to that, foiled is the confession again ‘cuz it’s always been the booth the bar the chair where it’s needed release to a dedicated ear these delicated models we build we layer up events and discuss heatedly heartily and bring out knives big guns and come to blows all the while hoping and this is where there seems to be a difference but there is none but us men in a confessional mood should also admit that in the midst of our valiant efforts we’re hoping a lady or two or more will enter with her breasts amazing and somewhat visable saving the day with beauty so we can salivate and pause and ponder there may just be some more trouble worth getting into if only our current hearts weren’t tied up in such anguish and break washed out way out way out there in the pains and hunger pangs and what we still do not see like isn’t it ironic rapists can still look into mirrors and more so that we don’t see a connect when they break them, for all our building we often forget to number and then tear back down and though it’s even a troubled sleep it’s a sleep from which we don’t want to escape.

Notsuoh Night Lights

crazed Notsuoh nights lead
to some head shaking days
what just happened?
why did I or he or she
say that
do that
what was meant by that
what am I to make of that
of it and
where exactly is this
taking me
if it is a pattern
a tendency
a demon
a character defect
a self destruction
burning in my gut or
where a soul would be
or is flickering in
a dark corner…
Jim asks me the question
something to the effect
How is it I can be
who I am standing at
his bar, calm, collected, etc.
and then that one
screaming ranting raving
on his stage Open Mic nite
a “genius” he
even ventures…

throughout the night
I start coming up with
my own answers
but none he is
available for
he is off tending
to other drunks
and getting increasingly
more trashed himself

Robert points to the
posing that my presentation
is abrasive and listeners
would more broadly embrace
my creations
if they varied
and did something
other than

in listening to it all
I began churning

my own solution will still
ultimately be mine
serve my own interests
reek of my signature
and for now
forever be “BGK” stamped

hide inside the scream
climb up
from the scream

you are confused
by the scream

I understand that you are
I cannot blame
that you are
I cannot expect anyone
to get
what I do not
understand fully myself

like at what point
does a model
become a supermodel?
it is not my question

as Jim asks me what he does
I later start turning it around
inside and
asking my question:
What is your Notsuoh
and if it were
a guy out on a dog walk
wouldn’t it really
be just a cat on
a leash walked by a frizzy-haired
radiation-treated former lesbian
progressively ignored by
society as the days go on
as she kicks obscenities at the curb?
we are that random bunch
of weirdos that
pay allegiance to a bar
with the worst bathrooms
in the whole city
and relish conversations
delving into wreckage
discoveries and also victories

the tragic and the tragedy
is that
what we gain is later lost to
too many drinks

come on
you can do better

I know

I also get
that in these discussions
they want to see that crazed version
of BGK come down off the stage
and be present in that
form at the bar
instead of the would-be Russian
with his head down
or head buried in the notebook
head buried quietly between
Terra’s legs
socially awkward
like I’ve been
my whole goddamn span

okay, okay

Finish Up

the heartbreak continues
the spotlight burns out
write a letter home
dance a jig of moving into a groove
form more opinions
peel onions
the heartbreak is recorded
the spotlight shines now only
on the negative
fill your time with the disease
of decay