Another Novel

drunk punch
punch bobbing head
halloween said
fred is fred
lead is leed
free is freed

I’m somewhere

woken up early
ready to
go to work
punching sporadic words
discover as
I go along in this big
experiment of
writing habit I’ve
kept along
for so many years now

at night she is bored and goes through
the basket I keep underneath
the living room table
containing some of my old writings
“I just read two of your books
while you were sleeping”

in a novel someone is writing about me
and my washed hair
I tear through the pages pretty quick
and laugh at the possible repercussions
of this thing actually making it
to print and being “immortalized”
outside of my control

imagine there’s always
a writer looking over
your shoulder
figuring words to describe you
quickly flicking shorthand in
a little notepad…
can be a little…

basically I just sit back
gentle, Buddhist, kinda,
ready to
or bring life in
one way or another
almost a believer of something
big on the 2012 horizon
or some horizon not
being too far off and away
so I sit down with
another medium and broadcast
or podcast and
have two shows under my
belt now
not expensively produced or
extensively polished
but there

I have a new job
where I walk around a lot
but have to
cover a lot of ground
I have to get better
pick up the pace
get the swing of things
it is all new territory
to me
guess I should take an

I don’t wash my hair
as much as some would
it’s just because I’m a
and want it to
resemble tree bark, ya know?
rough and barky

so I am torn over what to
say next in broadcastland
it’s like I can
be all chatty (episode 2)
or just throw
down poems (episode 1)
or do a mixture
of both finding a happy medium (episode 3?)

my strange stranger
does not always make it back to the house
says any day now she could
wind up dead
I don’t know if this is wishful thinking
but if it does happen it will break my heart
I am somewhere in the middle of
this poem or piece of… LIFE, I guess
somewhere in the middle with her
it is with deep pain she says
all these things
torn between love and hate
for others and herself
all of which has become so hard
to juggle to manage due to
alcoholism turning into a major beast
alcoholism, the big mind scrambler
fucks everything up
wanna get more bitter? have ten more drinks
sneak a few home with you
take them out and continue the
night on the couch soaking it in as
the sun comes up


Podcast 1 is Available!

In iTunes:
Go to “Advanced”
Choose “Subscribe to Podcast…”
Paste in
and that’s it!

Let me know what you think.

Divine Finding

ya get carried off
in a white lady’s black purse

ya punch the keys of I

find parking
find a new bass player

problems in our world today
eyeball grease
kickball happy holiday
comin’ your way

I’m divine finding you

dark blue god rumor, I swear

Lovely Ride

big life changes. I’m on my bicycle now riding this out writing this out sneezing along but the temperture is back up and it’s good to be back cruising little Montrose again and Midtown too. a corrupt economic system is destined to fall, the question is only When and Now or Soon has never felt so right. the Buddhists say you better make a righteous livelihood for yourself or you’re just setting yourself up getting in line for a big collapse.

I’ve stopped off to sit in this cafe and drink some spirulina with my by myself… and it is a pleasant Houston Sunday. Friday I again participated in our local Indymedia radioshow at KPFT. I will be working the soundboard producing the shows there as well as creating my own little poetry show podcast in the near future.

a lot is going on but don’t say it all out since the nature of information is sensitive. I am still out of work but have some prospects and am trying not too flip out in my head from losing a graphics job I should’ve quit long ago.

with some food poisoning possibly involved I once more managed to miss our local anarchist soccer, unfortunate, sleeping all through most of the day.

I’ve been down in a hole not really hanging out with anyone as is typical for me to do during the colder months. this jazz lady is kicking out some strange lines about life being a Lovely ride… but the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time, says she. only returning to just a few pages of Brothers Karamazov I’m sucked back into the lovely ride.

Out At Night

figure things out along
at my own pains
go along at my own pace
I’m sorry if our conversations
have dwindled down
to near nothing but
times are collapsing
I’m somewhere neutral in middle
the follower eater of cheese-less pizza

get some gloves cut off the fingers
walk around cold in winter
get your wedding ring off too

fireman come out at night
scratchings like Japan gotta red Sun that’s round

church pimp dawgs gather your purses up
if Jesus is a lie I’ve not lost any sleep anyway

I told you this quite emotionally before

etc. y’all some rarified whores
no excuse to be bored
spit on ya dirt mcgirt poor
lil sun ray ray why
say don’t say things like that

built sythesizers outta bullshit pieces
where babies came from
no matter, later needed psychological

sittin round at home waiting for
the bomb to fall
and pay rent after
to roaches and landlords

Eye O Eye Oh

eyes that see ten or so years past yours. tonight is a good day but a bad night.

eyes that rip up and burn the ice, water that burn the flames

eyes that can’t help themselves

eye on your bottom lip I just bit to eye in the sky my thoughts satallite around you and rattle your cage til the front door is tipped open

eye can’t help myself

eyes changing minds

Write or Die

I’m using the web app Write or Die a lot. It has been of huge benefit. I encourage any of my friends who are upset with themselves for letting days at a time slip by without writing to check it out.


Signify The Crush

show me
ready set
go and
get some
bite the earlobe strong
burst the rainbow in a name brand
signify the crush
flatten foil ding series serious
flame on! we as quick blooded Americans
thin blooded black syrup
down the spiritually fucked up drain
holograph converse diversify
excuse me but MTV wouldn’t have
it any other way
don’t apologize but a pilot drove
the plane into earth so then what? shit
turn the grates upside down
put on a shirt
invest in the colapsed economy
in heart break and red stake
red flakes quake

What’s It Take

what’s it mean what’s it take
to get through

I’m pointed down the path
held to the constant fire

what’s for lunch

held tight
mittens merge your five
on a hunch

thick language
doesn’t matter
generating the evolving generation
inevitably the yarn unwind the drama
even to non-dramatic

What The Hell

in a different place differently
not no longer behind
a cash register
what the f-ing he’ll
ducking fucking hell
please don’t
please help with the hair gel
in a prince of peace kinda space
and place good tough love
your shoes emerge from
the shoe box new car smell
ya see that car everywhere now
and I could give a fuck
about your hardwood floors
see me as dead in your
little trendy mind
try to stomp me you’ll find
I stomp back and you’re
in the middle of a gnarly war

Wordpad 5000

a degree
come on two one zero
back in the day
say fine five fire ablaze on fire
ready to tell you
swear by pinky
a long flight of stairs
cough the second hand
mobile movable sneek peak
peer the pear
stuck in war
the worst program
the rock garden center
online purchase
pumpkin spice
double shot gin well
vodka grey said sore solumn sell sold solo
wordpad word bank punch rib
glib fib or surly shiny sip
bay bay plus a job interview best friend
shedded snake skin
Charlie Brown jazz for people
who don’t realize desperation
and meaningless says the man
nearing on Thanksgiving
awful day role model for
other awful days in the making

Scream For Change

tonight’s writing session replaces
the poetry reading and
is grand

cat skimpering time
in the apartment

we are trying to outsleep our
and worldly responsibilities

jumpy cat
Rudra of West Virginia fame
Rudra of the volatile dance

album covers
politics are a cover up
what are you covering up
what is bottled up
what is love?/don’t hurt me

badass sounds throughout the grounds
picking up on our energy
is the biggest beauty to
pick up on

it is the supreme peak
of big energy when we experience
in one another the emotion
of FUN

and Electricity

mind gets carried away
sometimes needs a string on it
don’t let the kite go
not yet
all this shit has been bottling up
it is why there’s this need
to help you
is it to keep you alive
so you can heal me?
helping you already heals me
you heal me now as-is
healing through time
and Terra she needs
no help and little introduction
or nope none

tonight writing into
notepad like onto stone
with eyes eyes closed the dust
puffing into space
pining for words
splattering them down
painting my first piece
in the park
blood in the sea
blood in the sky

I like it I don’t like it
proud of it
like protein we need
some pride

finally in this new free time and space I’m starting to feel like a real human being again

finally there are some really good things coming through in a blur so some Houston kids should swing by on Bagby for the poetryreading at CoffeeGroundz

finally I get something right
I can have nice things
the wood floors shine
healthcare here sucks
is my credit jacket up
should I invest in stocks

finally I get something right by firing up to scary love which is why you’ve seen me scarce and when you did I was coughing a lot

it’s just I’m trying to comm. poetry us my way of enunciating the idea by screaming

screaming is a good thing

the icecream man is late again

I own all The Smiths albums on my laptop so you can come chirp at me

perhaps my handwriting is a little psycho alarming you to what what what? silence is telling telling so much. thank dead presidents.

science is my way of fictioning you into the fitting so we can remember the fiction