good morning wi-heads. thoughts thought thinking… we, I, am, us, caught up on language. there is a space of existence where language spoken is in fact in the way. you look out through understanding. there is this state of existence hardly touched. why? why is it outlawed?

because they want you to shop at Walmart.

do this and the cops won’t interfere

be boring
and you will have

they want you to have

and you will have
all you were taught
to want

seek out the product
with the sticker
it will tell you
in English
this is a deal!
this is a real steal!
(but don’t ever steal for real!)
you buy more of this
we’ll throw in
some for free

walk the floors of our malls
you’re in our world now

and you can stay


terms you must come to

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” -Wayne Dyer

I have to think about… I have to make plans for what I’m going to do with myself once my friends hit the road in a month (they’re probably not coming back anytime soon). I have to think about the emotional state I’m going to be in and not… be… overwhelmed. This will mean some good things for me (which is why I’m talking about it) and that is, I can get back into writing and reading more. Reading comic books. I can return to a deeper silence. I can mellow and crack less jokes (these sometimes wear on people’s nerves), maybe. MAYbe.

I can return
with force
to this

coming to terms
with the loss
of great friends

one of the
hardest things in
this world
is to write someone a letter

think about all the people back
there in your past
you’d think some letters would
help bridge
the distance
but those letters
get written

I know I’ve let down
a few of my friends in the past
I think they’ve given up
on writing to me
(even a short reply)

and so
today is Tuesday

what shall we get into now?

I hate it when I feel that I’m the source of an uncomfortable silence; especially since I can be a pretty quiet person sometimes. Will I go through life apologizing for things people will go to, “No, no, don’t even worry about it”? I feel like such an asshole about shit like this.

I love my friends so much. What to speak of my best friend, Claire.

Well, I’m home now and showered up. Time for bed.

big laughter

actual wi-fi is available today
so I’m sitting at this table here
playing catch up
they are playing Sinatra
or some big band type shit

and you never really catch up
but if you try
you get a compilation
of mixed stories
from alien contact to
table diving from
none other than
a cop

and there is
big laughter

my friend
she almost
chokes to death
laughing so hard

the aliens
(us being alien to them)
like to
show up when
out of body

there is such a thing
as eating
too many bagels
when you
have a big
trash bag of them

stories of cleaning
the drain
at a bagel shop
they make her
do that again
and she walks…

the dog remains a dog
walks around
with breath all fowl

I shoot little
videos on my

what shall unfold…

greater understanding?
healing of wounds in our relationships?

catch your tie in the roller
your tie becomes a noose

does mindfulness help one
to avoid accidents?

of course of course

time time
to reevaluate
one’s “career”
standing in society

scrape by
this poetry dive
bring about a downfall
the bodhisat forgets to mind his manners
but falls
back again

head spins spits spurts sprays
lone wolf and cub

head spouts a writing session
into fingers
that do bidding

create an ending!

end end end!

These are times that include big ideas and big confusion… for me. I don’t know about you. I feel equally good and equally bad. Crazy times in these waves. We are these little paper boats.

We are out on the town. I like to think about that. We’re out there, but not out there as others are out there. That is to say, we’re different from them – one way or another.

I can’t explain it the changes I’ve undergone in this 2006… not exactly.

Radiohead remains the drunken backdrop for a headphoned young man taking a few moments to sleep on your front lawn.

Edge my/our way through. Sip the water closely.

Ask guidance no more from an outside source. Throwing a pebble into the lake you’re aware of it falling right back into yourself.

bloody fountain


we shall put an end to what it is
that strangers
exist in our lives
as such


we shall multiply in
our friendliness


I have much to share
with very little time
to transmit

that is

friendship is
at the center
of it


we shall



army in


through another
this is




today you
four then
slash a four

today speaks
truth atop of
wave crashed

fourth day into


the comfort
of the writing surface

. . .

Last night was handed a bottle of MD. This is, as you guessed correctly, short for Mad Dog. Oh my! The MD kicked me in the face quite beautifully.







Last night stumbled around in the streets. Could’ve slept there had not friends insisted I be carried and pushed along and back towards the house.

I waved to strangers

cried about there being strangers here