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I think I kissed this guy’s girlfriend in last night’s dream. he was pretty pissed at me. we were in a public bathroom and he smashed the back of my head on a sink. it was the worst pain I had ever felt. I was on the floor feeling this pain, this lump the size of an apple starting to rise in my forehead and moving down. as this guy laughed at me, it started moving further down through my nose, moving, moving, reaching the tip of my nose. then it bursted. there was blood all over the floor. all over the tiles. we both looked closely and there were parts of my nose there drained of all color, looking like seafood. he stopped laughing. he didn’t mean to mess me up this bad.

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not really sure what I did to you for you to do such a thing to me. I’m all over the floor right now, thinking about dying, probably because I’m going to. I’m in a state of shock but still able to write this. I have a weird taste in my mouth. what reason could you possibly have? I hope someone will come and put a blanket around me and hold me against the ground until the ambulance comes. please don’t let them put me on a stretcher. I don’t want to be put on a stretcher. a small crowd gathers about 10 feet from me. they look horrified. a few children are crying and are told to run home. I can barely move. everything is turning white. don’t let them put me on a stretch . . .

Glenn Burns
1973 – 2003


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