removed emphasis

it is only natural that I merge back
into my night owl tendencies now that work is over
I went up to the corner and
cut off all my hair
to become less good looking
this was definitely accomplished

packing. throwing trash bags upon trash bags of stuff out. looking at my cherished books in the milk crates. boxes taped up.

sick sleep sessions throughout the day
I want to work only for myself
stop calling everyone sir
stop wearing name tags

we’ll be lucky to get out of this place alive
DC swallows people up whole

by accident
I snorted rice up my nose
at tippy’s taco house
and spent what seemed
15 minutes in the bathroom
sneezing until it came out
kind of embarrassing

we have a set of utilities to cancel
and friends to call
all the final arrangements
I hope to travel much lighter
in the future though I know
my library will expand even more

as I employ myself I notice that
this kind of work is
making me stronger
I push myself
I make it through sickness
life pulls me along on a rope
I cannot fight death
but I can fight my ignorance
fight my reluctance
fight all the . . .

life will become more…?
and fighting will not be necessary
any more?
not in this junked up world
not a chance
death of romance
but there is always work

I thought I saw some lights
but it was really a UFO


office poem

screen taking time to draw
water filling up in
the river
police cars everywhere
poems annoy
send a convoy
friends distant
set the timer
work is more you bargain for
sleep under a tree
indoors watch a DVD
calm in evening
radio plays NPR
say a humble prayer

water shimmers
evening walk with japa
a sincere disciple
a gopa
a strong man ignoring
his headache
head is clear of
talk no nonsense
clean out attic

beads and Prabhupada Meditations
Delta Airlines International Menu
as a bookmark still there
from old days India travels

bow in yr mind

dress up

fold up pieces of paper
into leaves
small bits
your mouth
doesn’t take
time to chew

make the
highway stretch
for blurry eyes

attempt to
then explain
in humility

in yr mind

don’t hold

don’t shake hands
with a hurricane

do not hesitate to
clean your house

I feel their
sorrow in
the air

scratch open blood loss
fills floor tiles
mess of battlefield
do not visit someone else’s battle

what is this?

what is the sound
of one hand
with prayer beads?

our big step
is to think well
of each other

he boiled water
he burned the scholar

she worked
in the garden
was good to
her husband
lived through
all the plagues

a hand lifted her